It’s time to change your story of addiction.

And, Thorpe is a great place to start.




Thorpe Recovery Centre (TRC) utilizes a three phase transitional approach to its treatment program. Within each phase of treatment our intent is to care for the client on four basic levels: Biological, Psychological, Social and Spiritual. Programming includes:

Phase I – Detox
Phase II – Residential Progragming
Extended Aftercare

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Thorpe Recovery Centre has introduced a series of 5 day intensive programs. They include a Family Intensive, Sex Addiction Intensive and Grief Intensive. Led by Certified Addictions Counsellors, the 5 day intensives provide information and techniques that will promote recovery for both the family and the addict.

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New Children’s Intensive

This new children’s program provides education and support for girls and boys ages 7-12 who have someone in their life who is suffering with addiction. The 3 day sessions teach kids about the disease of addiction through age approapriate activities so they realize:

– Addiction is not their fault
– They are not alone
– There are healthy ways to cope with the pain and difficulties they face at home.

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A leading, community based organization that provides strength, hope and healing through programming and support to those affected by addiction
and mental health needs.

D’Anza A., Counsellor – Thorpe Recovery Centre