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Together we improve lives through overcoming addiction and mental health concerns.


Thorpe Recovery Centre is a not for profit organization dedicated to providing client-centred and community-based addiction services. We are an accredited facility, providing Residential Treatment, Medically Supported Detox, a number of intensive treatment programs as well as a continuing care program.

From our initial six clients in 1975, hailing from the Lloydminster area to the 500-plus individuals helped annually from across Western Canada, the Thorpe Recovery Centre continues to tailor each person’s treatment experience to meet their individual needs. This is where the greatest success is found. Everyone’s history is uniquely their own – and we believe their recovery journey should be too.


I have a much greater appreciation of the role that I need to play in my daughter’s and my family’s recovery. Previously, I thought that once she was ‘cured’ that would be the end of it. I now know that recovery is required by everyone who has been affected by addiction and that it will be a lifelong journey. I am extremely grateful for the program and the amazing staff at Thorpe.
Thorpe Alumni, Family Intensive 2017


Our facility has over 54,000 sq. ft. of natural lit spaces including 72 treatment beds in semi-private dorm rooms on our 34 acre lot in the prairies. All programming is co-ed except for small group sessions to work on gender-specific issues that may impact co-ed treatment. When not in sessions, occupants have access to common areas which can be used for gathering together or for quiet reflection. Occupants also have access to the gymnasium, fitness rooms, meeting rooms and lecture areas. Our thoughtfully designed Nurses’ Station is centralized along with our medication room and detox area making our medical team accessible to all areas and all clients.