Thorpe’s Continuing Care Program Showing Positive Results!

There is no cure for addiction that can help people retake control of their lives. and live normal and satisfying and productive lives. Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process. Recovery from addiction is a life-long process. Treatment for addiction does not end upon completion of an inpatient program. Continued treatment and assistance after inpatient, known as Continuing Care, it is often needed to aid the recovery individual and their concerned persons (family and loved ones) as they assimilate back into “normal life”.

The The Recovery Centre (TRC) is dedicated to providing assistance to clients and families in transition from treatment to sustaining long-term recovery. The group process often times reflects the interpersonal challenges people experience in their day to day lives. Under the skilled direction of a group therapist, the group is able to support, offer alternatives or gently confront the person. In this was the difficulty becomes highlighted, alternative behaviours are learned and the person develops new social tecniques or ways of relating to people. In a climate of trust provided by the group people feel free to care about and help each other.

“I was a client at Thorpe Recovery Centre from October 2016 until November 16 recovering from alcohol addiction. Thorpe and the highly trained and compassionate staff saved my life, marriage and career. After leaving Thorpe I enrolled in the aftercare program that keeps you in contact via video conferencing once a week with a counsellor along with other clients in recovery is a very helpful tool. I think of it as a big parachute! When I was in Thorpe I became very close to some of the people as if they were apart of my own family. When you leave the safety of those walls you are not alone! After care gently sets you on your feet to start you on your new sober life. I highly recommend this program.”

-Continuing Care Client, 2016

“Continuing Care is proving to be the missing piece in my recovery program. I’ve been to treatment 3 times before. The program for the maintenance of and continued commitment to my recovery.

Specifically the weekly group meeting provides a place where I can review what I struggle with and the areas where I am improving. We also set goals that we are accountable for in the next group. The program also keeps me connected to the people and the place where my healing began.

It has proved to be invaluable to my continued sobriety.”

-Continuing Care Client, 2017

Still Not Convinced?

In the United States, an estimated 2.15 million people (9% of the population) have a substance use disorder. According to statistics, the rates of relapse are extremely high among people who do not seek out a solid after care program. Only about half of people utilize aftercare services and even fewer people complete their aftercare programs. If you are planning on entering or leaving a treatment program, make sure to plan ahead and have an effective aftercare program in place –, 2017

Join the Grid

Sober Grid is a smart-phone application that connects Alumni with treatment centres as well as provides an on-line 24/7 community of individuals in recovery. The app allows you to catch up with people you may have got to know during treatment. There are places to put down a gratitude list, given quests and challenges to support your recovery tools. In times of need you can reach out for help from your recovery friends. With the help of Sober Grid we continue to provide feedback and suggests for changes to the app to ensure that it is a useful tool for our clients living in recovery.