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Family Intensive Program

Thorpe Recovery Centre’s Family Intensive program is designed specifically for families to help them learn new ways to cope with the addiction: methods that will promote recovery for both the family and the addict. It can be incredibly confusing for someone who is not addicted themselves to understand someone else’s addictive behaviour.

The Family Intensive Treatment Program provides an opportunity for clients and their families to gain a better understanding of their family of origin and current family system and begin the process of healing together. Clients and their families learn how to better communicate and support each other emotionally and appropriate boundaries. Having both the families and clients working together fosters the healing process and brings the family closer together. This has also been proven as a significant factor in long term healing and recovery.

Partners of Sex Addicts Intensive Program

Healing the Trauma of Betrayal

Sex addiction is characterized by, compulsive sexual behaviours. High-risk behaviour that is part of sex addiction includes pornography, prostitution, voyeurism, exhibitionism and anonymous sexual encounters.

Working from a clinical model based on addiction and trauma, partners impacted by the destruction of sexual compulsion have the opportunity to begin healing from intimate betrayal. Participants learn about the biology and the behaviour of sex and love addiction and explore their relational templates.

It is an experientially-based program that assists partners in moving through their grief and loss, breaking free from the attachment to fantasy, and enhancing emotional self-regulation. Developing internal, external, and sexual boundaries, participants learn how to move from a position of victimization to personal empowerment.

This intensive creates a safe and compassionate environment that provides a path to healing that gives voice to the partners’ truth as they embark on their journey to recovery.

For more information, call Faye at 780-875-8890 or toll-free at 1-877-875-8890.

SA Intensive Program (Sex Addicts)

Sex addiction is characterized by compulsive sexual behaviour. High risk behaviour that is often part of sex addiction includes: pornography, prostitution, voyeurism, exhibitionism and anonymous sexual encounters. Entering into a Sexual Addiction Intensive program can be an intimidating experience. For most people, the idea of having a sexual addiction is quite embarrassing and the thought of discussing it with an addiction counselor does not sound too enticing. However the process of treatment can help demystify the experience. The Sex Addiction Intensive (SA) include:


Individual Counselling
Group Counselling
Treatment Plan, How to make better decisions
Continuing Care
Clients stay on site during the SA Intensive

Dates of Intensives

Family Intensive Program 2018
April 10 – April 14
May 8 – May 12
June 5 – June 9
July 3 – July 7
Aug 7 – Aug 11
Sep 4 – Sep 8
Oct 9 – Oct 13
Nov 6 – Nov 10
Dec 4 – Dec 8

Children’s Intensive Program – 2018
Feb 23 – Feb 25
May 25 – May 27
Aug 24 – 26
Nov 23 – Nov 25

SA Intensive Program – 2018
Apr 24 – Apr 29
Jun 19 – Jun 24
Oct 23 – Oct 28

Partners of SA Intensive Program – 2018
July 17 – July 22

Recovery Tune-Up Intensive Program – 2018
Sept 25 – Sept 30

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