Residential Treatment

Recovery requires a genuine will to move forward.

Treatment involves helping people gain insight into themselves.

Residential Program Questions?

Do you have questions about entering our Residential Program? Please call our Admissions team at: 1.780.875.8890.

Or contact us by filling out our simple on-line contact form

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential Addiction Treatment is an inpatient program at the Thorpe Recovery Centre. Research has shown that long-term programming fosters a greater acceptance of self and helps the client build the tools needed for a life in recovery.

A lot of work is required to succeed in Residential Addiction Treatment; those who put in the work will see the desired results. Due to the content and timeline clients will be tested, triggered, and overwhelmed at times; but, through this program they will learn how to cope with the stressors and handle problems in a healthy and effective way.

What Type of Addictions do we Treat?

The The Recovery Centre is equipped to tackle both chemical and process addictions:

Drugs (cocaine, crystal meth, fentanyl, heroin, ketamine, etc.)
Problem Gambling
Sex Addiction
Eating Disorders


During treatment clients are expected to participate in the scheduled programming each day. Programming includes lectures, process groups, counselling, and other therapeutic activities designed specifically to assist in building a life in recovery.

Each client with their counsellor develops a treatment plan that helps the client achieve their goals while in treatment. The Program is constructed into modules that contain activities and assignments the client is to complete in order to move forward. Topics covered include:

Addiction & Recovery
Concurrent Disorders
Disordered Eating
Living Well
Mental Health

“Great experience. This place enabled me to get to the root of my problem and not just skim the surface. I have a new value of self and life because of this.

– Residential Addiction Treatment Alumni, 2017

How Long is Residential Addiction Treatment

Residential Addiction Treatment is 42+ days, but the client can enroll in the extended program up to 90 days.

How Do I Get into Residential Addiction Treatment?

There are two methods of accessing a bed at TRC: an Alberta or Saskatchewan healthcare funded bed, or fee-for-service bed. Due to a small number of funded beds at the facility, there typically is a wait for treatment.

Contact your addictions counsellor or our admissions office to begin the admission process.

What Happens After Residential Treatment?

For a comprehensive continuum of care, we highly recommend enrolling into the TRC Continuing Care Program. Reasarch has shown that post-treatment continuing care programs inceases an individual’s chance for sustained recovery by 75%.

How Can I Prepare?

We recommend all attendees prepare for treatment by attending Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), 12 Step or other support groups prior to attending.