Thank You.

Every single one of our donors, volunteers, and community partners play a key role in changing the story of our clients’ addiction. Without you, we would not have been able to help 632 people on their recovery journey or help families find healing.

We are happy to say that this year our donor’s circle has grown by 128 people! Thank you to everyone for putting your trust in our services and we would like to recognize those who have aided in our mission.

Media Sponsors

Newcap Inc.

Fabmar Communications

Leaders in Recovery

R.J. Nelson Foundation
Nordic Mechanical

David and Connie Anderson

Private Foundation


• Jack Diacon
• Marie Gerhardt
• Paul Harris
• Gary Herriot
• Tori Hodge
• Tom Lysyk
• Marilyn Kerr
• Susanne Martin
• Paul Richer
• Rick Stephens
• Bobbi Umphrey
• Dick Vokins

Friends of Recovery

Carol Abel
Robin Acton
John Albert
Ed & Kathy Andersen
Bill & Celia Armstrong
Randy Ashton
ATB Financial Employees
Mike & Margo Baehl
Brian Bakewell
Ron & Frances Bates
Ken Benthien
Wayde & Edith Blythe
Richard & Lynda Blythe
Madison Bowman
Roger & Sandra Braithwaite
Karen Brassington
Dean & Brenda Brett
Pat Brobin
John Buhnai
Terry & Norma Butz
James Carlson
Stephanie Carr
Marie Carruthers
Timothy Carson
Rick & Bette Cawsey
Gloria Chamberlain
Pam Charbonneu
Katherine Coleman
Dale & Marie Columbine
Jim & Jo Cross
Janice Cusack
Mosaic Church
Cheryl Day
Blair Denney
Hedley Dennill
Faye Diacon
Earl & Dawn Dodsworth
Jeff & Connie Dubyk
Elina Eidsvik
Darrell Erhardt
Erica O’Grady Professional Corp.
Valerie Evanishen
Excell Insurance Group Lloydminster Inc.
Exhaust Masters
First Class Landscaping Ltd.
Garret & Sara Fox
Dennis & Pat Fox
Rick Fradette
Gerald Gagnon
John & Marjorie Gentes
Cheryl Gerhardt
Walter & Marie Gerhardt
Google Inc.
Michelle Gorman
Great Bend Financial Corp.
Joanne Gregg
Dan Grey
Marty Guy
Darrell Haight
Pat Harris

Paul Harris
Harris Design Ltd.
Gary Herriot
Hugh Hill
Jim Hines
Home Hardware Building Centre
Kalinda Hunsperger
Matt Johnston
James Jolly
Katie Jorgensen
Vic Juba
Larissa Juby
Eugene & Billielu King
Michelle Kinney
Kights of Columbus
-Lloydminster Council #3553
Vera Koster
Stacy Kroeker
Teressa Kruckl
Chad & Leah Krys
Rob Kummetz
Danielle LaRocque
Lashburn & District Combined
– Appeal Donors’ Choice
Delores Latchuk
LloydMall (Triovest Realty Advisors Inc.)
Lloydminster Lions Club
Locke Lonsdale
Louis & Betty Lumley
Cecil & Madeline MacKay
Wade & ML Maitais
Rory Majeau
Elsie Malka
Manitoba All Charities Campaign
Lindi Mark
Rodney Marseille
Dean Martin
Al & Cindy Maynes
Glenn McCaw
Tom McKinstry
Jim & Twila McVeety
Jessica Michalchuk
Fred & Theresa Minish
Frank & Mildred Molinexu
Candice Montgomery
Maureen Montour
Debbie Morin
Apryl Moss
Bob & Susan Munro
Karen Musgrave
Musgrave Agencies
Dean & Flicka Olson
Aubrey Patterson
Glenn Peterson
Al and Diane Popoff
Phillip & Donna Porter
Jackie Poulsen
Karrah Rebalkin
Remax of Lloydminster
Paul & Kim Richer

Brent & Linda Romanchuck
Clifford Rose
Ken & Carol Ross
Rotary Club of Lloydminster
Myra Rutherford
Penny Ryan
Margarete Sagebiel
Larry Sauer
Randy Schenker
Schiller & Associates Private Wealth Management
Cliff Rose For Clothes
Marina Selutskaya
Silverwood Toyota
Grant Skaarup
Pamela Smith
Bill Spence
Wendy Stanford
Brent and Denise Stasiuk
Shoppers Drug Mart
#335 LloydMall
Richard Stephens
Lloydminster & District CO-OP
Linda Stieb
Tammy Stoin
Karen Sunderland
Gerry Surina
Michael Tanner
Harry & Dorothy Tatro
Thorpe Recovery Centre Social Committee
Bill & Gene Till
Tim Dyck Financial Services
Bruce & Anne Trautman
Craig Traverse
Angela Treverton
Bob Troup
United Church Women
Universal Consulting Group Ltd.
Marilyn Vause
Vermillion Crisis Line
Image Press
Bunny Walker
Cambo Farms Ltd.
Daryl & Grace Walton
Mel & Della Wells
Wells Asset Management
Brant Wheeler
Meredith Whiteside
Don Whiting
Brianne Wilson
Joseph & Jean Wilson
Joanne Wolfe
Rod Woodland
Joanne Wright
Lynn Zethof