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Introducing: True Recovery Co.

Wear Recovery with Pride.

In April we launched our own line of clothing! True Recovery Co. began as an idea to share the message that recovery is possible.

We want to celebrate life and the joy recovery brings. With 1 in 5 Canadians living with mental health concerns, it is time we shared our stories out loud and let our loved ones know that support is available. Regardless if your life experience includes substance use disorder, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, or another challenge, we’re all on our own recovery journey.

The sale of each item from True Recovery Co. supports the programs and services at Thorpe Recovery Centre.

Together let’s celebrate recovery.

You can Shop Now at We have new and exciting items being added to the site soon!

Is that a Marble in the logo?

You may notice the marble in the line’s logo. At Thorpe Recovery Centre a marble out ceremony takes place during the last community meeting before you complete the residential program. This is the ceremony where you get your marbles back!

The marbles are a physical reminder of all of the tools you have learned during your programming. Whenever you are having a tough day or are struggling with negative thoughts, the marbles can help to bring you back to the coping tools you have learned.

The ceremony is a chance to celebrate completing treatment. It is a chance to recognize all of the hard work you have put into starting your recovery.

Marbles are chosen and presented to the graduate by a peer. The peer identifies the colours and significant markings within the stone and what they represent for the graduate.