The disease of addiction is a health issue that impacts all Canadians. The Thorpe Recovery Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe and effective individual and family-focused addiction treatment services.

Substance use disorders are a solution to a perceived problem. Using a substance as an escape from big emotions, memories, or other challenges is a common coping mechanism, but it does not resolve the underlying cause. Seeking treatment for addictive behaviours or a substance use disorder takes incredible courage and strength that can only be found within the individual. Asking for guidance on your recovery journey is a great place to start. Thorpe Recovery Centre will assist in the development of your own recovery plan, and help you gain the skills to live a healthy lifestyle.

From our initial six clients in 1975, hailing from the Lloydminster area to the 700+ individuals helped annually from across Western Canada, the Thorpe Recovery Centre continues to tailor each person’s treatment experience to meet their individual needs. This is where the greatest success is found.

Everyone’s history is uniquely their own – and we believe their recovery journey should be too. Each person who has walked through our doors has shaped our history and our future; for over 46 years, the development of our services has been based on the needs of our community. Regardless of our size, scope, or geographic outreach, the purpose of what we do remains the same – achieve wellbeing and happiness.



A leading organization that provides strength, hope, and healing to those affected by addictions and related mental health challenges.


Within a recovery community, we build a pathway where individuals and families can achieve wellbeing and happiness.








Thorpe Recovery Centre is an accredited and licensed residential treatment facility for substance use disorders. Accredited since 2011 with accreditation Canada, it is one of the most effective ways for healthcare service organizations to regularly and consistently examine, and improve their quality of services.

Healthcare organizations that participate in Accreditation Canada’sQmentum program continuously evaluate their performance against national standards of healthcare excellence. These standards examine all aspects of care from safety to ethics, training, and partnering with the community. Other organizations accredited by Accreditation Canada include Alberta Health Services and Saskatchewan Health Authority.


In addition to our accredited status, we are a licensed facility through the Government of Alberta’s Mental Health Services Protection Act (MHSPA). This regulatory framework provides provincial oversight and standardization for residential addiction treatment services in Alberta, ensuring that all receive safe, quality care and consumer protections. The act requires service providers meet core requirements such as policy and procedures for consent to services, service contracts, incident prevention and response, critical incident reporting, record creation, maintenance and retention, and gives government authority to address complaints and concerns regarding a service provider’s operating licence

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