The disease of addiction is a health issue that impacts all Canadians. The Thorpe Recovery Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe and effective addiction treatment services for both clients and their families. We give help to those struggling with the disease as they build a solid foundation for life in recovery.

Addiction is commonly believed to be a moral failing; however, we know it is a perceived solution to a problem. People in pain, perhaps because of traumatic experiences in the past, use a substance or behaviour to make the pain go away because they don’t know what else to do. This coping mechanism works for a time, but eventually turns out to be an ineffective solution because the real problems never go away.

From our initial six clients in 1975, hailing from the Lloydminster area to the 500-plus individuals helped annually from across Western Canada, the Thorpe Recovery Centre continues to tailor each person’s treatment experience to meet their individual needs. This is where the greatest success is found.

Everyone’s history is uniquely their own- and we believe their recovery journey should be too. Each person who has walked through our doors has shaped our history and our future; for over 40 years the development of our services have been based on the needs of the community. Regardless of our size, scope or geographic outreach, the purpose of what we do remains the same – to improve lives.



A leading organization that provides strength, hope and heling to those affected by addictions and related mental health challenges.


Within a recovery community we help build a pathway where individuals and families can achieve wellbeing and happiness








The Thorpe Recovery Centre is an accredited residential addiction treatment centre since 2011. Accreditation is one of the most effective ways for healthcare service organizations to regularly and consistently examine and improve the quality of their services. Accreditation Canada’s clients include Alberta and Saskatchewan Health Services. Programs are developed in close consultation with healthcare experts and feature customized programs designed to highlight organizational priorities and achieve comprehensive performance measures.

Healthcare organizations that participate in Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum Program are evaluating their performance against national standards of excellence. These standards examine all aspects of care, from client safety and ethics, to staff training, and partnering with the community. This ensures that as an organization, we devote time and resources to continuously improve processes to provide the best possible care and service to clients and their families.
Accreditation - 2018Accreditation - 2014


In addition to our accredited status, we are a licensed facility through the Government of Alberta’s Mental Health Services Protection Act (MHSPA). This regulatory framework provides provincial oversight and standardization for residential addiction treatment services in Alberta, ensuring that all receive safe, quality care and consumer protections. The act requires service providers meet core requirements such as policy and procedures for consent to services, service contracts, incident prevention and response, critical incident reporting, record creation, maintenance and retention, and gives government authority to address complaints and concerns regarding a service provider’s operating licence

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