Why a kid’s intensive?

Addiction is a disease that affects 1 in 5 Canadians and impacts the entire family. Children of addicts can often can be manipulated, emotionally or physically abused or neglected, and even feel like they are the one to blame for the disease/parents behaviour. Experiencing blatant or even covert addictive behaviour, without adequate understanding or coping skills, can be overwhelming and confusing for the child, and if unaddressed, can promote the cycle of addiction in the family.
The Thorpe Recovery Centre’s Children’s Intensive for children aged 7 – 12 years is an opportunity for children to address the addiction in their family and focus on understanding and recovery.
The 3 day sessions are age-appropriate workshops that include role playing, games, art and therapeutic activities that help to explain what addiction is, how it is not their fault, how to ask for help, how to communicate effectively with their family, and how to practice self-care. In this environment, children are able to express their feelings in a safe environment and are supported by our licensed counsellors to process their emotions. The goal is to mitigate the negative impact addiction has on the entire family and promote healing for all.

Through the Children’s Intensive, children will be able to feel heard and regain their confidence. Skills learned will include communication, boundaries, self-care, grounding, and an understanding of the disease that will release shame and blame. In addiction, they will once again feel safe in their homes and ultimately, understand that addiction is a disease that is a part of their life, but does not define them or their family, nor needs to negatively impact them.

Continuum of Care

Each child should have a minimum of 1 adult attending who is in the child’s circle of care. Parents/caregivers who have achieved sobriety for more than 90 days and will refrain from mood altering substances during the Intensive are able to join for portions of the program to work on communication, share concerns, and address hurt feelings with their home/relationships. We strongly encourage parents to participate in the Thorpe Recovery Centre Family Intensive for holistic family healing.

Children’s Intensive Details

For youth aged 7-12 years who are affected by addiction in their family (parent/caregiver).

3 days

Facilitated by certified addiction counsellors.

Addresses Addiction and its impact on the family through:
Role Playing
Therapeutic Activities

Skills gained include:
Self Care
Understanding of the Disease
Release of Shame
Release of Blame

Children are encouraged to dress casually and in comfortable clothing. A detailed dress code and appropriate items to bring will be made available upon admission.

Adults participating in the program must be sober for a minimum of 90 days and must refrain from mood altering substances during the Intensive.

This is an inpatient program with summer-camp dorm-style accommodations shared by family members, where appropriate.

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For as much as one can appreciate or enjoy detox, I appreciated my time at Thorpe.

Thorpe Alumni, Detox Program 2016


The Thorpe Recovery Centre takes a well-rounded approach to ensure clients are on the path to recovery and don’t substitute one addiction for another. Curriculum is tailored to each individual’s needs, and includes several core lectures, specialty groups and support groups to guide clients on their journey.



The Thorpe Recovery Centre provides structure and basic guidelines clients will need when they re-integrate into the “real world”.