I am so grateful for Thorpe, the facility is amazing. The entire staff is so helpful and the community is so welcoming. I highly recommend this program. – Alumni, January 2022

It was life-changing for me. I gained so much knowledge in a short time. Came in lost but now I’m ready for the journey of recovery.

Residential Treatment Client, January 2022

My counsellors were awesome and very approachable. They helped in any way they could. The community and relationships I developed have been amazing.

Alumni, February 2022

I had an amazing time reconnecting with other addicts and peers. I learnt so much about myself and what I need in my recovery. My perspective has greatly changed and the tools I learned can be used in the real world.

Residential Treatment Client, February 2022

I have been to five previous treatment programs and I got more from this program than all the others put together.

It’s been a great experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it gave me structure, nutrition, a sense of being on time, knowledge and tools to keep me on track. I loved it. I learned so much about myself and others. I’m pretty sure I did very well in the program and I have a lot of information to take home with me. I would highly recommend TRC to all who would change their lives. It is a great place to help people learn about self-awareness and how it contributes to addiction. I loved it here and I am grateful for this experience. It was thorough and I met my goals. I was a lot of pertinent information that addressed my addiction issues and processes behaviours extremely well.

I have all the resources to succeed. All the tools to maintain sobriety. 100%.

Recent Alumni, 2021

My time at TRC was awesome and the programs were very educational, insightful, eye-opening, and sensitive to clients needs!

Plus it involved my favorite time and I have to be honest, I absolutely love the homework part of each day. Meeting new people from different parts of the continent.

I absolutely love this place and miss the staff and people here, I would not give TRC a second about going back! Highly recommend this place, they touch all bases if you want to heal and get better mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially! I especially miss the morning check ins at the pit area! I’ll just say it out loud, I MISS THE PLACE, TRC!

Tyron Mitsuing, Alumni, Residential Treatment, 2021

There is also a strong sense of connection and opportunity for healing alongside your peers.

I put my trust in the program, and took what I needed. If you are ready for RECOVERY, walk through the doors at Thorpe Recovery Centre. I did and it changed my life and for that I will be eternally grateful. I can now be a mom to my kids and I couldn’t be happier.

Client, October 2021

The program exceeded my expectations.

The schedule was well developed allowing adequate time to cover all information, the facilitators were truly amazing. The participant involvement/group discussions was also an integral part to the daily activities.

Family Program Participant, May 2021

Some days are heavy but I am working on myself and learning to slowly open up to the program and my peers and work on myself.

Building healthier relationships will assist me in better connections when I am done my program.

Residential Client, November 2021

I can’t say enough good things about Thorpe and their staff, they helped me in so many ways.

I found out more about myself and my problems then I knew. Many thanks to all the counselors who help me and put me on the right track to recovery, and all the staff, cooks, and nurses for a great experience.

Colin Peddle, Alumni, 2020

I can’t thank the team at Thorpe enough for what they have created.

The facility is professional, yet comfortable. The food is fantastic and healthy. The program keeps you active and answers all those questions you have. The staff are amazing and are with you every step of the way.

Scott Cameron, Alumni, 2018

I love the Thorpe Recovery Centre. A family member did a 42 day program here and it has had a profound impact on him and the rest of our family. I highly recommend the family intensive program. It really helped me learn about myself and addiction.

Brittany Gammon, Supportive Family Member, 2019

My experience at Thorpe was exceptional. The staff was concerned, considerate and knew their stuff. As a shy individual even stepping through the doors of a treatment Centre was difficult, but the other clients and staff made it easy for me to make this adjustment. The classes were well thought out and forced me to think about the way my life was going and that I was at the point of drastically needing to make some real change or die. It is that simple. I am clean and sober today and on my journey of recovery thanks to the jump start I received at Thorpe.

Patricia Henry, Alumni, 2021

Recovery Management is proving to be the missing piece in my recovery program (I have been to treatment 3 times before). The program provides for the maintenance of and continued commitment to my recovery.

Specifically, the weekly group meeting provides a place where I can review what I struggle with and the areas where I am improving. We also set goals that we are accountable for in the next group. The program also keeps me connected to the people and the place where my healing began. It has proved to be invaluable to my continued sobriety.

Thank you

Gina O, Thorpe Alumni, Residential Addiction Treatment & Continuing Care 2017

This program is invaluable.

Not only has it educated me on addiction, it’s educated me on myself. Life lessons I feel everyone could benefit from. To the counsellors, your knowledge, understanding and empathy is something I will never ever forget. Having this many amazing staff in one building makes me feel like other facilities must be lacking. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thorpe Alumni, Family Intensive 2017

I am happy with the way this program has sparked up (the child) and his awareness of addictions.
A light of awareness has sparked his interest in himself and relationships with others, a connection has been made. I am grateful and I appreciate the care, patience and unconditional acceptance of my nephew and myself. He is beginning to know that he’s not the only one that has people in his life who struggle with addictions.

Safe Adult Participant, Thorpkins Children’s Program 2017

I have a much greater appreciation of the role that I need to play in my daughters and family’s recovery.
Previously, I thought that once she was “cured” that would be the end of it. I now know that recovery is required by everyone who has been affected by addiction and that it will be a life long journey. I am extremely grateful for the program and the amazing staff at Thorpe.

Thorpe Alumni, Family Intensive 2017

My experience was awesome!
The nursing staff was great. The kitchen staff as well. The floor staff was very good as well. My stay here was amazing; I had no idea this place was as positive and helpful as it is. I thank everyone for making my stay. I want to thank the nurses for being as wonderful to me and always taking time no matter how often I went to them during the day they took the time to explain things to me. Thank you, Thorpe.

Thorpe Alumni, Medically Supported Detox 2017

Put me back on my path for loving myself again.

Thorpe Alumni, Medically Supported Detox 2018

This program has saved my life, marriage and kid’s future by giving me a healthy awareness on dealing with some of the root cause of my addiction. The counsellors, support staff and clients are positive, supportive and so great for my recovery. I honestly cannot find a worthy negative experience in my 42 days here. I will be forever grateful to this program and the change it has definitively brought to my life.

Thorpe Alumni, Residential Addiction Treatment 2018

When I first came in, I was not wanting to be here.

I was unsure, anxious, and mad at my husband for having made our lives so crazy that I needed help. I was even unsure that I even needed the help. I thought I was okay! Coming here opened my mind, I was not okay. I realize now that I have things in common with loved ones of alcoholics and addicts. Things I am aware of and that I will remind myself, and catch myself. I loved being here; the counsellors, everyone in our group, everyone’s thoughts, feelings, the emotion. I felt so connected; understood for the first time in a long time. Thank you so much!!

Thorpe Alumni, Family Intensive 2018

I have had an amazing and fulfilling journey here.

It truly has been life changing. I am in awe of how much I have changed and accepted this challenge. I look forward to focusing on my recovery 100% and coming back here in a year to visit and share my story.

Thorpe Alumni, Residential Addiction Treatment 2018

Even though my time here did feel like a bit of a rollercoaster, it was all worth it.

I have truly learnt so much and am so grateful for everything I went through because it was all a lesson. I grew in some way from everything I went through. I am so thankful for my counsellor for helping me through this and also for the family program. I am forever grateful for everything Thorpe has done for me, my future and my family.

Thorpe Alumni, Residential Addiction Treatment 2015

Everyone was welcoming and helpful. Food was excellent. Intake was very helpful.


Thorpe Alumni, Medically Supported Detox 2018

Wonderful experience. I wouldn’t take back one day.


Thorpe Alumni, Residential Addiction Treatment 2018

This program has been beyond incredible; it taught me to see the beauty in myself and the life around me.


Thorpe Alumni, Residential Addiction Treatment 2016

It was the best thing I ever done for myself and my family. But one of the hardest things I have ever had to do for sure.


Thorpe Alumni, Residential Addiction Treatment 2016

This has been the most amazing experience I’ve had.

The reason we came early really was because of our son’s addiction and to support him coming home. However, I’ve learned so much about myself and what I need to personally work on that will be a big part of supporting our son and getting myself healthy and maintaining it. Thank you, thank you!!

Thorpe Alumni, Family Intensive 2018

The Village

I arrived defeated.
Addiction’s hold completed.
A tainted soul,
Shame had taken its toll.
Powerless, unmanageable,
Life unsalvageable.
Masked with pride,
Dying inside.
Had trauma at my core,
Coming through that door.
But I paid the fee,
I had to see.
Could I be fixed?
Though my feelings were mixed.
I came to believe,
No longer deceive.
Shed some vanity,
Break from the insanity.
Gained a vision.
Made the decision.
Let go of self will.
On serenity hill.
I finally found hope.
Some skills to cope.
Learned to take risks.

Make healthy picks.
Admitted my faults.
With an eye out for H.A.L.T.s.
I planted the seed.
Watered well with need.
Right here is sprouted.
Even when I doubted.
It had some bends,
But blossomed with friends.
My recovery tree.
Born at T.R.C.
And I know,
I got a long way to go.
This is only the start.
Gonna keep filling my heart.
Stock up with tools.
Ditch all the fools.
Let the alarms chime.
Take it a day at a time.
Rid myself of regret.
Never forget.
This community,
And what it did for me.

Derrik A. Residential Addiction Treatment Alumni, 2017

Awesome experience; a 10/10. Would recommend and WILL.

Thorpe Alumni, Medically Supported Detox 2018

I love this place, the facility, the food, staff, accommodations and especially the program.

Treatment is only as effective/productive as we are willing to make it. Thorpe provided me with all the tools and knowledge and support I need to make my program everything I needed it to be. Wendy has truly been the mentor my life has been missing. You are and always will be a bright shining light that guided me out of the darkness. You’ve helped me regain the love for myself I lost along the way by simply giving me the freedom to “trust the process”. Thank you Thorpe.

Thorpe Alumni, Residential Addiction Treatment 2015

Thorpe Recovery Centre is a first-class facility with everything I needed to build a foundation for lifelong recovery. The staff who interact with the clients have true sincerity, empathy and desire to provide care, interaction and the environment to help me accept the sober future I deserve.

Thorpe Alumni, Residential Program 2016

Extremely grateful.

From intake to discharge, my experience/detox at Thorpe was made to be less stressful due to the great and knowledgeable staff. From the cleaners, to the cooks, to the counsellors and administration, thank you for this incredible opportunity. I am extremely grateful.

Thorpe Alumni, Medically Supported Detox 2016

I thought coming to Detox would mean just getting it out of your system.

The detox program was amazing at TRC. I learned so much about myself and my addiction, I feel I now want to go to treatment. The staff, counsellors and ASWs were amazing support in preparing me mentally and physically for what is next! Thank you all so much for helping me change my life!

Thorpe Alumni, Medically Supported Detox 2016

Very well done.

The strict structure is very valuable. The accountability that is placed on the clients is awesome. Overall, greatest treatment program I have attended. Very in-depth work. Also, the peer support aspect was new to me and worked very well.

Thorpe Alumni, Family Intensive 2019

Thorpe Recovery Centre is a first-class facility with everything I needed to build a foundation for lifelong recovery. The staff who interact with the clients have true sincerity, empathy and desire to provide care, interaction and the environment to help me accept the sober future I deserve.

Thorpe Alumni, Residential Program 2016