The Thorpe Recovery Centre’s commitment to the success of the programs is reflected in the high standard of work, and adherence to the core values. The Staff place a premium on the ethics, education, and training that will serve to provide clients with the best path to recovery. Professional and volunteer experience is only augmented by the fact that a significant number of us are in recovery ourselves, and are proud to serve as examples that change is possible.
The Thorpe Recovery Centre’s commitment to the success of the programs is reflected in the high standard of work, and adherence to the core values. The Staff place a premium on the ethics, education, and training that will serve to provide clients with the best path to recovery. Professional and volunteer experience is only augmented by the fact that a significant number of us are in recovery ourselves, and are proud to serve as examples that change is possible.
Teressa Krueckl
Chief Executive Officer

Teressa began her role as CEO in September 2013 after serving as Director of Operations during a time of organizational transition in 2012. Prior to her time at Thorpe, she worked in community and fund development, executive leadership, and other various community initiative-working groups. Teressa is an active Rotarian and enjoys giving back to the community.

In her role as CEO, she works closely with the governing board of directors to set strategic direction, the vision and mission, all the while ensuring there is a client-centered focus on program delivery.

We have come a long way over the last 7 years. It is exciting to be able to guide development so that we may offer a community atmosphere to those struggling with addiction. It is truly a privilege to work with a fantastic team of individuals who all play a part in touching the lives of our clients and their families.

Chantal Bishara
Program Director | MN

With vast experience in nursing and clinical management, Chantal Bishara joined the senior leadership team at Thorpe Recovery Centre in the Fall of 2018. She joins the team with a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Lethbridge and Masters of Nursing: Nurse Practitioner from the Athabasca University—a dream she has had since she was a little girl.

Living the dream, Chantal prides herself in helping others and has a special interest in the field of addiction and mental health. She attributes some of her best career moments to be at Thorpe, where she has witnessed the transformation of lives over 42 days and is an active role in that transformation.

When not at work Chantal loves to spend time with her family and friends as well as travelling the globe to her favourite places including Egypt, Los Cabos, and Cuba.

Lori Neufeld
Operations Directior | IPMA-ACP, B.G.S

Lori joined Thorpe Recovery Centre in November 2017 as Operations Director and comes with an Advanced Certified Professional designation with the International Personnel Management Association and a Bachelors of General Studies from Athabasca University. Lori oversees the operations of the organization to ensure a safe facility and program.

Most of Lori’s work experience over the years has been predominantly with non-profit organizations but Thorpe has a special place in Lori’s heart. As a 2002 TRC Alumnus, Lori has personal experience with addictions and has used the tools she has learned at Thorpe and applies them successfully to all aspects of her life. Lori expresses gratitude to be a part of an organization that helps people help themselves in the recovery of addictions.

Joanne Wright
Program Manager | CACII, CCAC

Joanne has been working in the field of addictions and mental health since 1998 and her experience over the years includes working with people struggling with substance abuse, problem gambling, sex addiction, eating disorders, trauma, grief and loss, relapse prevention, recovery planning, and Family Program Intensives. Joanne is also trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Joanne’s desire to help others embrace recovery comes from her own journey in recovery and how addiction has impacted family and loved ones.
Joanne enjoys spending time with family and her pets, making time to laugh every day, fishing and camping, yoga, singing, and listening to music.
Joanne is certified with the Canadian Society of Counselors and Therapists and with the Canadian Addictions Counselors Certificate Federation.

Chelsea Lewis
Clinical Manager
Chelsea has worked in the non-profit world, specifically in the mental health field, since graduating from the University of Ottawa in 2007. Chelsea holds a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology and a minoring in Criminology and is currently working on her Masters of Business Administration. Chelsea has experience with individuals processing trauma, children who have experienced trauma, youth with complex mental health issues, trained in the treatment of eating disorders and is trained in CBT. Chelsea brings with her a passion for art and recreation, with a long history of various sports and creative endeavours. Chelsea plays an instrumental role in helping our clients during their recovery by providing a program in which our clients can discover the joy in recreational hobbies. Chelsea values integrity, innovation, and perseverance in her staff and strives to embody those values in her day to day life. Chelsea’s goal is to positively impact the lives of the staff and clients who enter our Thorpe community. Chelsea also enjoys time with her three young children, walking her dog, practicing yoga, painting, reading, and spending time with her friends.
Garret Ford
Community Counsellor | MEd, BA, BHSc

Garret Ford has a diverse background with multiple fields of interest including a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre where he wrote and performed plays about addiction and mental health and a Bachelors of Health Sciences with a focus on addictions and mental health disorders, counselling groups, individual counselling, research and development. Also, Garret achieved a Masters of Education on Counselling Psychology where his thesis was on Internet Gaming disorder based on components model. Garret has also taught at university level, ran counselling labs, performed research and development, and ran online surveys.

Garret recently came to Thorpe Recovery Centre with experience in diverse demographics within multiple addictions and mental health fields including crisis intervention, residential treatment, education systems, and social advocacy.

Phil Wohlend
Addictions Counsellor | MC

Phil joined the Thorpe Recovery Centre as an Addictions Counsellor in the fall of 2019 and is excited to be a new part of the team. He has extensive background working in residential programs with children and adolescents living with complex needs. Recently Phil has worked with youth in schools facilitating healthy relationship groups, as well as providing group and individual counselling for men services. Phil has also recently graduated with his Masters in Counselling Psychology, and is interested in Solution-focused and Narrative approaches to therapy.

 Phil is optimistic about his new venture into the field of addictions, a life-long interest of his, and see, feels understands how invaluable the experience will be with our agency.

 His hobbies include travelling to the mountains and playing music.

Debbie Inder
Community Counsellor | A-SAT, CCAC, BA (Hons)

Debbie has been working in the addiction field for over 8 years holding various positions throughout her career. Debbie is a Canadian Certified Addictions Counsellor as well as an Associate Sex Addiction Therapist. She is currently working toward her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Christian Counselling through Briercrest in Caronport, SK. Debbie also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Debbie’s education and experience is an asset to the Thorpe Recovery Centre where she helps facilitate not only the Residential Addictions Program but the Sex Addiction and Family Program Intensives as well. Debbie’s passion for recovery has grown significantly during her time in the field where a spiritual approach is used to address attachment issues. Debbie is passionate about helping individuals who struggle with their addiction find a life of recovery that will connect them to self, others and their Higher Power.

Vera Koster
Community Counsellor | CCAC

Vera joined the Thorpe team in 2016, at which time she was primarily responsible for the development and facilitation of TRC’s Continuing Care Program. In 2017 Vera transitioned into the position of Detox Counsellor, a role that allows Vera to channel her considerable energy, passion and dedication into helping people find their start in recovery. She is also strongly committed to supporting clients who present with eating disorders as well as those who identify with less specific, but unhealthy relationships with food. Vera’s commitment is driven by her struggles with substance abuse and anorexia/bulimia; she has been in recovery since 2011. Vera is certified by the Canadian Addiction Counsellor Certification Federation, and she is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Wendy Gulbis
Continuing Care Counsellor | CCAC
Wendy joined Thorpe Recovery Centre in 2012 and has worked in various roles throughout her time here. Regardless of any role she experiences her focus has remained on connecting with and empowering clients to become the heroes in their own stories. Wendy is certified by the Canadian Addiction Counsellor Certification Federation and has a passion for working in the field of addictions and mental health which began due to personal experiences throughout her life. These experiences led to pursuing an education in the field to support others with maintaining their wellness and recovery. Wendy emphasizes the importance of addressing codependency as major factor in promoting recovery. She is apart of the Community Counselling Team as well as the Family and Children’s Intensives.
I am grateful to be a part of TRC. To get up every morning and know that I get to be a part of our client’s journey to a healthy life is an incredible experience. Recently we had a client come in and throughout her admission, she was full of tears, repeatedly expressing how thankful she was that she got the opportunity to come. She has recently lost many people in her life to their addictions and knew what the possible outcome for her was without help. Weeks later we spoke about being in treatment and she expressed how hard some of the work could be, but still she was so thankful that she got the opportunity to change her life by being here.
Shannon Weinberger, Intake Administrator