The 80’x60′ gymnasium is available for rent at $40 per hour. It boasts one full or two half-basketball courts, one volleyball court, or two badminton/pickleball courts. The Gym also has its own private entrance and washrooms, accessible at the rear of the building.
If you would like to rent this space for your club or team, contact our office.

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  1. Only clean, non-marking shoes on playing surface.
  2. No access to the main building. Access the facility at the back of the building in the Gym Entrance Doors. If unable to get in, please send someone to the main entrance and a staff member will let renters in at the gym door entrance. Client confidentiality is essential.
  3. Only water allowed within the gym (no Gatorade, coffee, juice, etc.). All other beverages can be stored in the foyer. No food or gum allowed.
  4. No alcohol or drugs allowed on premises.
  5. If the equipment is in need of repair, please notify Thorpe immediately: 780-875-8890. Replacement or repair for damage from misuse or tampering of equipment or facility will be payable by the Tenant.
  6. Thorpe is not liable for injury incurred during rental. As of January 2019, personal insurance for injury is required.
  7. Please do not prop doors or move chairs from the foyer area into the gymnasium. Benches are provided.
  8. Renters shall not handle Thorpe Volleyball nets. Please advise Thorpe prior to arrival of net heights required. This must be done during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm).
  9. Rental charges will remain in place without a cancellation call.