Even in 1974, the need for addiction treatment in Lloydminster and area was apparent. Through collaboration between the Lloydminster Hospital Board, the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and local Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) advocates including Slim Thorpe and Ron Harris Sr., a solution was found. Out of the abandoned Nurses’ Residence rose the Walter A. “Slim” Thorpe Recovery Centre, named after the prominent A.A. advocate and businessman who was deeply rooted in his community.

The Centre opened in 1975 as a 2-bed detoxification unit. Through the years it evolved to accommodate more clients, and treat the root causes of addiction. In 1988, the Centre built a larger facility to house up to 30 clients and developed programming that served the community until 2012. Further demand for treatment inspired a large capital campaign to build a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide the best care possible for a growing user base.

Today, operating as the Thorpe Recovery Centre (TRC), the organization rests in the rural hamlet of Blackfoot, Alberta. Located 10km west of Lloydminster, this 72-bed facility provides holistic addiction treatment for chemical and process dependencies (drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, and disordered eating).

Programming was developed to coincide with evidence-based research in the field of addiction treatment, culminating to what is offered today — treating the individual and their family across four platforms: biological, social, psychological, and spiritual. Always growing and ever-changing, client focus remains as it has from day one. They are the heart of what we do.

Always growing and ever changing, client focus remains as it has from day one.

They are the heart of what we do.