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We have a rolling admissions structure here, which means you can begin your recovery journey as soon as you’re ready and a bed is available.

Medically Supported Detox

Temporarily Closed

A safe environment for those detoxing from drugs or alcohol.

Medically Supported Detox –
A minimum of seven days sober is required before admission into our Residential Treatment Program. Medically Supported Detox is a great option for anyone in the initial stages of recovery.

Why Can’t I Detox on My Own?
While detoxing, the withdrawal symptoms can be unbearable, and depending on the substance and history of use, it can be quite dangerous to detox solo. We provide a safe and supportive space with medical professionals assisting every step of the way. This not only ensures your safety, but can also help alleviate the worst symptoms, making the process less dangerous and more tolerable.

Other Medically Supported Detox Programs
As Thorpe’s Medically Supported Detox program is temporarily closed, we recommend visiting Recovery Access Alberta to find one that best supports you and your needs.


Residential Addiction Program

(Substance Use Disorder Program)

Building resiliency and creating a path toward success.

Taking a Holistic Approach

Our 42-day Residential Addiction Program takes a holistic approach to recovery and helps build resiliency and connection. Each participant takes an active role in their own recovery journey by attending lectures, participating in recreation opportunities, completing chores, and both individual and group therapy. These six weeks are challenging, but we’re here with you every step of the way. During this time, we’re focused on understanding the root of addictive behaviour and building a personalized recovery toolkit. If the client, counsellor, and referring body deem it necessary, the program length can also be extended to 60, 72, or 90 days.


Continuing Care Program

Helping clients transition to the “real world” upon completing the Residential Addiction Program.

The recovery journey is ongoing, and we encourage all clients to continue through this program after their Residential Addiction Program has been completed. After all, studies show that 70% of people are more likely to remain sober after 5 years with two or more forms of continuing care. The biggest risk for relapse also happens within the first 90 days post-treatment, and with supports like this, that risk can be dramatically reduced.

In the recovery journey, the Medically Supported Detox Program will get you sober, the Residential Recovery Program will teach you the basic tools, and the Continuing Care Program will help you pull everything together.



Family Program

Gain a better understanding of a loved one’s addictive behaviour so you, too, can begin a journey of healing and recovery.

Whether your loved one is in active addiction, in treatment, or in recovery, this program is aimed at helping families learn new ways to live with addiction in their lives and begin their own healing journey.

This program is temporarily paused and will resume shortly. Please join our waitlist; you’ll be emailed when the next class is available.


What Will I Learn in the Program?

Thorpe takes a well-rounded approach to ensure individuals are on the path to recovery and don’t substitute one addiction for another. Addiction is believed to be a solution to a problem for people in pain without a healthy coping mechanism in place. It tends to be a result of someone masking their pain, hoping it will either disappear or resolve on its own, and while it tends to work for a while, the real problem is never resolved, and the pain is still there.

Our Residential Addiction Program focuses on discovering what is underneath the addiction. We work with the individual in recovery to resolve it and provide tools and resources to help them resolve it with our support. This is not a quick fix, and it most certainly takes a lot time and effort that the client is expected to put in. Our program is also tailored to each individual’s needs, which includes several core lectures, specialty groups, support groups, and individual and group therapy.



Core Lectures

Each client is expected to attend core lectures, arrive on time, and fully participate in them.

  • Self-Awareness
  • Addiction Interactive
  • Shame
  • Intro to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
  • Addressing Childhood Events
  • Recovery Capital
  • Gambling & Process Addictions
  • Effects on the Family
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Addictive Disorders
  • Health & Wellness
  • Sex, Love & Relationship Addiction (SLRA)
  • Disordered Eating
  • Essential Symptoms of Chemical Dependency

Specialty Groups

We take a holistic approach to treating our clients so they can break free from addiction. Our client’s bio-cycle social assessment will determine which specialty group is most appropriate for their recovery journey.

  • Seeking Safety
  • Living Well
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Problem Gambling
  • Disordered Eating (DE)
  • Sex, Love & Relationship Addiction (SLRA)

Rules & Expectations

The Thorpe Recovery Centre provides structure and basic guidelines that individuals will need when they complete recovery and re-integrate into their home communities.


Whether you’re having trouble with the application process or need to chat it out with someone, we’re here. Please reach out for a confidential and compassionate conversation.

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