Residential Treatment is more than a physical barrier from substances; it provides an opportunity to adjust to social norms often lost in active addiction.

Residential Treatment Program

Long-term interventions provide a greater opportunity for success. The Residential Program is not only a physical barrier from substances, it is an opportunity to adjust to social norms often lost in active addiction, like punctuality, accountability, and tidiness. This teaches by taking care of the little things, bigger things are more manageable.

Throughout the 42+ days, the individual participates in recreation, lectures, assignments, chores, group therapy and individual sessions with their primary counsellor. These six weeks are challenging and allows the individual to understand the root of their addictive behaviour and build a recovery toolkit. If deemed necessary by the client, counsellor, and referring body, the program length can be extended to upwards of 90 days.

For as much as one can appreciate or enjoy detox, I appreciated my time at Thorpe.
Thorpe Alumni, Detox Program 2016


The Thorpe Recovery Centre takes a well-rounded approach to ensure clients are on the path to recovery and don’t substitute one addiction for another. Curriculum is tailored to each individual’s needs, and includes several core lectures, specialty groups and support groups to guide clients on their journey.



The Thorpe Recovery Centre provides structure and basic guidelines clients will need when they re-integrate into the “real world”.