The crucial extension of one’s support network of peers, and an investment in one’s future.

Recovery Management Program

Many believe the recovery process is completed after residential treatment, but the work is just beginning. Returning to your home community will be challenging and you will need a strong recovery maintenance plan which includes additional peer support after your departure from our centre.

There is no quick fix for substance use disorders. The 42+ days spent in a treatment facility is just the beginning to a much longer journey. We like to look at recovery management as an investment in your future, a way to build on your treatment facility success and transitional support navigating back into everyday life.

Studies show that individuals are 65 – 70% more likely to remain sober over a 5 – year period with 2 or more forms of continuing care. Whether it be a Recovery Support Group (12 – Step or S.M.A.R.T.), group or individual counselling, or sober living through a safe house, it is vital to one’s future to have a plan after treatment. Think of coming out of treatment like waking up from a coma and trying to navigate back into a society that has gone on without you. It can be confusing, tricky to navigate, uncontrollable, stressful, triggering, and celebratory. Because of this, studies show that relapse is most common within the first 90 days after treatment so most importantly, you’ll need support.

Recovery Management is the third phase in Thorpe Recovery Centre’s treatment process. Think of Detox like elementary school, Residential Treatment like high school, and Recovery Management like the university. Detox will reset your system, Residential will teach you the basic tools, and Recovery Management will help pull everything together.

Recovery Management Program is a weekly peer support processing group – a format that Alumni are familiar with as they continue their recovery journey. The weekly session allows Alunni to have accountability to their peers, relate experiences, warn about relapse signs, and encourage through each other’s recovery.

This is an affordable safety net in a confusing world, an easy extension of one’s support network with peers, and an investment in one’s future.

For as much as one can appreciate or enjoy detox, I appreciated my time at Thorpe.

Thorpe Alumni, Detox Program 2016


The Thorpe Recovery Centre takes a well-rounded approach to ensure clients are on the path to recovery and don’t substitute one addiction for another. Curriculum is tailored to each individual’s needs, and includes several core lectures, specialty groups and support groups to guide clients on their journey.



The Thorpe Recovery Centre provides structure and basic guidelines clients will need when they re-integrate into the “real world”.