The Thorpe Recovery Centre opened its doors in 1975 and has successfully helped more than 13,000 people from across Canada overcome their addiction and begin the journey to a life in recovery.

2. How is the Thorpe Recovery Centre governed?

The Thorpe Recovery Centre is a registered not-for-profit Society made up of local business people, alumni and community members of the surrounding area. The Society meets typically once each year in the fall for its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and to elect members to the Board. The Board of Directors is comprised of five to nine members that each bring individual expertise to the table.

3. How do I apply for admission?

The admissions team is ready to help and provide information by phone and email. They will speak with you to help determine the situation, funding options, addiction history, and health status of the potential client. Admission requests can be made by individuals, family members, physicians, employers, and addiction counsellors. Thorpe Recovery Centre has a rolling admissions structure that schedules intakes Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. This means that clients begin treatment as soon as the funding is established and a bed is available.
Admissions Contact:
Phone 780.875.8890
Toll Free 1.877.875.8890

4. Is there a wait list?

Our wait list is constantly fluctuating. For accurate, up-to-date information please contact our admissions staff.

5. What are my funding options?

Because of our unique location near the Saskatchewan/Alberta border, Thorpe has a restricted number of government subsidized beds sponsored by each province. These beds are in very high demand and are distributed on a first- come-first-serve basis. We have many privately funded beds available for clients who attend treatment. Payment for treatment may come from individual clients, employer mandated treatment or private sponsorships.

6. Where are you located?

The Thorpe Recovery Centre is located on 34 acres of rural property in the hamlet of Blackfoot, AB., a 10-minute drive from Lloydminster, AB/SK west on the Yellowhead Highway, Highway 16.

7. How is my privacy protected?

Feeling safe is crucial to your success at Thorpe. We take every measure to assure your privacy is protected. TRC follows the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) and Alberta Health Information Act (HIA) when collecting your data.

8. Do you require any clean time prior to admission?

No, clean time is not required to enter our facility. We have a medically supported detox program for
those in need of detoxification prior to entering the Residential Treatment Program.

9. How long is Medically Supported Detox?

Typically seven to ten days, depending on the doctor’s recommendation.

10. What kind of addictions do you treat?

Chemical dependency, which includes alcohol and drugs, and Thorpe also treats a range of process
addictions. Behavioural or process addictions include a compulsion to repeatedly engage in an action in spite of negative consequences. Thorpe specializes in the areas of gambling addiction, disordered eating, and sex addiction.

11. Do you treat concurrent disorders?

Concurrent disorders describes a condition in which a person has both a mental health concern and is experiencing harmful difficulties with alcohol, other drugs, and/or process addictions. At Thorpe, we tailor each client’s treatment to include strategies for dealing with both the addiction and mental health concern to provide the best chance for success.

12. What is included in treatment?

On-site, clinically managed, medically supported detox.
Assessment, diagnosis and treatment for concurrent disorders, substance use, and gambling disorders.
Individualized, client-focused care with length of stay determined by the individual’s progress.
Our treatment model is based on evidence-based best practices. These include trauma informed care, psychological assessment, and integration of psychiatric and medical care during treatment.
Peer Support groups are an adjunct to treatment and necessary for ongoing sobriety, but do not in and of themselves create a foundation for treatment.
Nutritional guidance and supervised fitness facilities.
Meals and snacks from the kitchen.
Accommodations and linens.
Counselling (group + individual).
Program materials.
Recreation supplies.
Arts and crafts.
Entrance fees to local sites/attractions.

13. What are your qualifications?

Our team consists of diverse backgrounds and experience to best provide a holistic experience. This includes up to Master’s level therapists who are certified under the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation.